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One-to-One live interactive Math sessions provide personalized attention and guidance in line with the Grade 5 Math curriculum.

Course Fee Rs 250 per hour


One-to-One live interactive Math sessions provide personalized attention and guidance in line with the Grade 6 Math curriculum.

Course Fee Rs 250 per hour


One-to-One live interactive Math sessions provide personalized attention and guidance in line with the Grade 7 Math curriculum.

Course Fee Rs 250 per hour


One-to-One live interactive Math sessions provide personalized attention and guidance in line with the Grade 8 Math curriculum.

Course Fee Rs 350 per hour


One-to-One live interactive Math sessions provide personalized attention and guidance in line with the Grade 9 Math curriculum.

Course Fee Rs 350 per hour


One-to-One live interactive Math sessions provide personalized attention and guidance in line with the Grade 10 Math curriculum.

Course Fee Rs 350 per hour

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Soumiya Singh parent Image

SARALMATH has been a blessing for my sixth-grader. The tutor's expertise and personalized attention have transformed my child's math skills. The interactive sessions make learning engaging and interactive, fostering a deeper understanding of concepts. I'm grateful for SARALMATH's commitment to my child's success. It's a fantastic platform that I highly recommend to all parents!

Sanjay Singh

Parent of Soumiya Singh

Anjali parent image

I am thrilled with the one-to-one online Math teaching offered by SARALMATH for my seventh-grade child. The dedicated tutor has helped my child overcome math hurdles and build a strong foundation. The interactive sessions foster active participation and boost confidence. SARALMATH's personalized approach has made all the difference in my child's math progress. Thank you for the exceptional support!

Parent of Anjali Kumari

Testimonial 1

The interactive online training provided by SARALMATH has been a game-changer for my sixth-grader. The personalized attention and interactive sessions have helped address my child's specific math challenges. The tutor's expertise and patience have made learning enjoyable and effective. I'm impressed with SARALMATH's commitment to individualized learning!

Deepti Lal

Parent of Antara Karthikeyan

Testimonial 2

SARALMATH has been a lifesaver for my seventh-grade student. The clear and concise lessons, coupled with the practice problems and quizzes, have helped reinforce key math concepts. My child's grades have improved, and I appreciate the platform's user-friendly interface that allows for independent learning. SARALMATH has become an essential tool in our household!

Parent of Mudit Parida

Parent of Kishlay Saras

As a parent of an eighth-grader, I highly recommend SARALMATH. The platform's personalized approach and detailed explanations have made a significant difference in my child's understanding of complex math topics. SaralMath has instilled a love for math in my child and has empowered him to excel in the subject.

Parent of Kishlay Saras

parent of Atharv

My seventh-grader was struggling with algebra until we discovered SARALMATH. The platform's comprehensive curriculum and interactive exercises have turned math into a breeze. His grades have improved, and he now approaches math with enthusiasm. We can't thank SARALMATH enough for the positive impact it has made on our child's academic journey.


Parent of Atharv

Through personalized attention and engaging instruction,

we help every student discover their love for math.

We strive to make math accessible, enjoyable, and rewarding for all of our students.


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Frequently asked questions

How can I begin learning from SARALMATH?

Kindly complete and submit the form, or feel free to reach out to us at +91-8951869553/56/52 or email us to contact@saralmath, enabling us to discuss the specific requirements of the student and assign an outstanding Math teacher to your kid.

What is the background and expertise of your tutors?

Our team of Math tutors consists of highly qualified professionals, many of whom have graduated from prestigious institutions such as IITs, NITs, and other esteemed educational establishments. They possess a genuine passion for teaching Mathematics. In addition to these academic experts, we also have industry professionals who have prior experience in teaching Mathematics and are enthusiastic about continuing to teach on a smaller scale. Our tutors are carefully selected based on their expertise in mathematical instruction, strong communication skills, approachable demeanour, and ability to establish a rapport with students.

What is the selection process for SARALMATH Teacher?

Our Math Teachers undergo a meticulous selection process, where we prioritize careful evaluation of their qualifications and experience. We personally meet and conduct interviews with all potential Math Teacher. As part of their application process, they are required to deliver a subject-specific lesson to showcase their Math teaching skills. We also collect references to assess their teaching experience and suitability for working with students. Additionally, we verify their identification and qualifications by requesting relevant documentation. Only after successfully meeting these criteria, teacher considered for employment.

What are the advantages of using SARALMATH's services?

We invest significant time in carefully reviewing numerous resumes from highly qualified individuals before considering them as Math Teacher on our platform. While many individuals may seek part-time opportunities for extra income, we prioritize finding committed and highly skilled Teacher. Our aim is to match students who aspire to excel in their learning journey with passionate, dynamic Math Teacher who possess the necessary expertise.

Moreover, we strive to offer competitive pricing that is justified in the marketplace. As a result, our clients often remain loyal to us once they have experienced our services first hand.

How are the classes at SARALMATH conducted?
  • To begin, our academic counsellor reaches out to the parent to gain a comprehensive understanding of the student's specific requirements.
  • Based on the unique needs of the student, we carefully assign a suitable math teacher who is well-equipped to meet their individual learning goals
  • The dedicated math teacher conducts a minimum of two personalized 1-to-1 live online classes per week, which are scheduled in advance for convenience. we utilize popular platforms like MS Teams or Zoom to facilitate seamless communication and interactive learning experiences.
  • To participate in these classes, students will need a desktop or laptop computer along with headphones, a microphone, and a stable broadband internet connection

At SARALMATH, we strive to create a conducive learning environment where students receive personalized attention and guidance from our dedicated math teachers. Our goal is to provide a flexible and effective learning experience that accommodates the unique needs of each student..

By leveraging the convenience and interactivity of online platforms, we ensure that students can actively engage in the learning process, ask questions, and receive tailored instruction.

How often are SARALMATH online classes conducted and what is their duration?

At SARALMATH, we ensure that each student receives a minimum of two classes per week.

For secondary school mathematics, we highly recommend three classes per week due to the comprehensive nature of the curriculum.

Each class is 55 minutes in duration, and our classes follow a personalized 1-to-1 format, providing focused attention to the student.

We understand that flexibility is crucial, so you have the freedom to choose the frequency and timings of your classes that best fit your schedule and learning needs.

Whether you opt for two classes or prefer to have additional sessions, we are dedicated to accommodating your preferences and supporting your mathematical progress.